At present, Mauck & Baker has four significant religious freedom cases. Please pray that God will be glorified in the outcomes and more people will have the opportunity to hear about Jesus!

Swart v. Chicago: This case caused the City to rewrite its rules for Millennium Park, allowing evangelists from Wheaton College significantly more freedom to preach and hand out literature. The parties have reached a settlement on damages and attorneys’ fees subject to City Council approval.

Wisdom University v. Oklahoma Regents: Oklahoma has demanded Wisdom University to “cease and desist” granting degrees in Biblical Wisdom because Wisdom University has refused to submit to secular accreditation of its curriculum. A federal civil rights lawsuit was filed in October asking the Court to rule Oklahoma has no interest in regulating Biblical teaching standards.

Williams v. Board of Education: Suit against Chicago Public Schools and the University of Chicago for enabling Transcendental Meditation to be taught in eight Chicago high schools. Certification of a class action has been denied, but we are in the process of identifying other individuals, students or parents, who were affected by the Hinduistic cult.

Immanuel Baptist Church v. Chicago. The church was able to buy a building and use it for worship after the lawsuit challenged unreasonable parking restrictions. The City changed the law significantly, easing limitations on parking for religious groups throughout Chicago. The case is on the trial docket for damages and attorneys’ fees. Please pray for a fair settlement.