South Korea – US

I have a very pleasant experience with this firm especially with Soo Yeon Lee.– Ana S.

Seamless calibrations between US-Korea are required in order to successfully navigate in the US legal system.

When Soo Yeon Lee represents someone of Korean heritage, whether it is a company, individual, or family, she brings a very particular cultural competency to bear. Korean-American cultural competency is deeper than a language barrier; it is the understanding of how Koreans and Americans think and what that means for communication. It is also about knowing how different the Korean and American legal systems are. Knowing they are different doesn’t make them easy to navigate; you have to understand the distinctions and seamlessly calibrate between the two in helping clients navigate the legal system.​

Soo Yeon Lee also wants to serve people like her. With family in South Korea and the U.S., she experiences the same complexities that her clients do. Given her background and experiences in both countries, she can easily see the challenges and opportunities that others may not. 

With her skills as a native speaker and first-hand experience of the Korean culture, Soo Yeon Lee is highly sought after as an advisor and advocate. ​

Soo Yeon Lee serves as the family lawyer for many of her clients with significant assets in the U.S. and other parts of the world. Further, her ability to seamlessly communicate in both English and Korean makes her a top choice for multi-generational families with ties to Korea. 

Areas of Service
  • Litigation involving Korean companies or Korean-speaking litigants 
  • General Counsel to US-Korean Family
  • US Gift and Estate Tax Planning 
  • Pre-Immigration Planning 
  • Significant Transactions Between US-Korea
  • Foreign Account Reporting Compliance 
  • Asset Management Considerations
  • Real Estate Investment in the US
  • International Students in the US