Mauck & Baker carries the privilege of sponsoring incredible organizations in the Chicagoland area.

Ballet 5:8, a not-for-profit organization focused on using dance to engage audiences in thought-provoking conversations of faith, is a female and minority-led premiere ballet company recognized for remarkable artistic excellence, innovation, and beauty. Ballet 5:8 was founded in 2012, and its name bears the weight of the Romans 5:8 Scripture: “but while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” The company expands on this thought, remarking, “Our joy, our motivation to dance, and our inspiration for creating beautiful and meaningful art all rise out of our gratitude toward our God and His incredible love for us.”

Ballet 5:8 hosts many events throughout the year (access their calendar here) ( Two exciting events Mauck & Baker was honored to recently attend include the annual Benefit Performance, as well as the kickoff of an exciting new opportunity—the Living Room Series! The Benefit performance is held every year for sponsors of this amazing dance company. Similarly, the Living Room Series ( debuted at the historical Colvin House in Edgewater. Intimate performances that tell the stories of the host or audience are delivered to a group gathered in a home or small venue. This unique experience can be booked for any personal or professional event.

Courtside Ministries’ focus is clear: “Bringing the presence of Christ to the courthouse.” There are teams throughout 116 locations in 17 states. The volunteers of Courtside Ministries reserve space outside of courthouses to offer prayer for anyone who may need it. A powerful ministry is provided by these dedicated people, who will often brave rain, snow, and cold temperatures to share the Gospel.

In September 2022, Courtside Ministries held a regional gathering for the Chicagoland area, where Mauck & Baker had the privilege of sponsoring a table. The gathering was a great success, where 107 people had a wonderful time sharing testimonies, worshipping Jesus, and having fellowship.