They laid out a plan that would clear up the uncertainty of our status and put us on a strong foundation to move forward.– Ken T.

Accurate analysis of a dispute and assessment of the risks involved is critical in the early stages of any dispute.

Given that Mauck & Baker has handled hundreds of cases encompassing a wide range of issues and facts, attorneys at Mauck & Baker thoroughly understand the complex anatomy of a case in dispute. We think smart to win, and we are always several steps ahead of our opponent. Attorneys at Mauck & Baker draws on a wide range of legal and business experience, which makes us well-informed and thoughtful litigators, finding the unexpected support necessary to craft a strong legal position.

Areas of Service
  • Commercial Transactions 
  • Real Estate (Commercial Leasing, Partition, Specific Performance, Option to Purchase, etc.) 
  • Estate (Fiduciary Claims and Defenses, Will Contest, etc.) 
  • Construction
  • Shareholder Disputes and Other Business Issues 

Clear definition and understanding of a litigant’s objective, accurate analysis of a dispute and assessment of risks, and skillful orchestration will make a winning strategy.