General Counsel for Business

The lawyers Mauck and Baker went above and beyond our expectations. – Andrew T.

At Mauck & Baker, we advise businesses in a wide range of industries.

As outside general counsel, we discuss the implications of various business maneuvers and guide your business through establishment, operations, and disposition. 

In addition, when a business inevitably faces disputes, Mauck & Baker will help resolve the issues quickly and efficiently. In doing so, our extensive litigation skills become a very effective tool in analyzing disputes and assessing all risks involved. This is key in leading any business to success. 

​Clients stay with Mauck & Baker for years because they value the dependable, consistent, and solid business counsel through business ups and downs, recessions, and various crisis. 

With so many laws it is almost impossible to run a successful business without the help of a lawyer. A good legal advisor can help navigate the complex layers of many laws and manage risks effectively to protect the business from contingencies throughout the life of the business by thinking several steps ahead. Good counsel does that for you so you don’t have to.

Areas of Service
  • Entity Selection Based on Tax and Non-Tax Considerations
  • Buying Business and Due Diligence 
  • Tax Aspect of Business Planning
  • Creating Corporations, LLCS, Partnerships
  • Shareholder, Partnership, and LLC Operating Agreements
  • Real Estate Owned or Leased 
  • Negotiating, Preparing, and Reviewing Contracts
  • Employment Practice 
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Handling Litigation 
  • Sale or Other Disposition of Business 
Our Clients

Mauck & Baker’s business clients include equipment and parts manufacturers, various retail businesses, logistics companies, cosmetics manufacturers, design companies, construction companies, restaurants, coffee shops, real estate management, professional businesses, non-profit organizations, and more. 

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Hiring Employees?

Creating or updating an employee handbook can be overwhelming with employment laws at the Federal, State, and local levels. This checklist is for Illinois employers to help them evaluate their handbooks. 

This guide was curated by our attorneys.


The Role of a Lease in Business Strategy and Performance

Most businesses needs physical space. The most important aspect of occupying a space for any tenant is of course
cost, and the ability to predict and control it. However, there are many other challenges that physical space may pose
during the occupancy.