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    Who Gives Us Our Rights?

    Two hundred and forty-one years ago today the Second Continental Congress declared that the thirteen American colonies were “and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States . . .” In doing so it not only gave birth to a new nation but also, in the same document, the Declaration of Independence, gave voice to the uniquely American understanding of liberty and human rights which the nation has upheld since that time.Among the Declaration’s opening sentences, Congress declare...  Read More...

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    Protecting Your Online Presence in Your Estate Plan

    Written by Whitman H. Brisky What will happen to your “online” presence in the event of your death or disability? There are horror stories of families of the deceased being locked out of their loved one’s social media pages and so unable to quickly modify or disable them after death.Few estate plans prepared, even recently, include anything addressing these issues.   Read More...

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    Why Should Atheists and Agnostics Care About Religious Liberty?

    Written by Whitman H. BriskyReligious liberty means the ability to believe and to worship, or not believe and not worship, as one chooses free from government intrusion or coercion. It means being able to change your faith without fear of punishment.   Read More...