Engaging the World and Raising Up New Lawyers for Jesus

For four days last week the attorneys at Mauck & Baker enjoyed an edifying time at the annual Christian Legal Society Conference. It didn’t hurt that this year’s conference was held in Newport Beach, CA. Though the balmy weather was certainly a highlight for those of us coming from Chicago, there were two other highlights worth sharing. First, the keynote address was delivered by John Stonestreet, the President of the Chuck Colson Center and a Breakpoint radio host, Mr. Stonestreet reminded us all that the Christian faith does not call us to escape or accommodate the world but rather to engage it for the glory of God and for the benefit of those in need. To the contrary, it would be sinful for Christians to withdraw from engaging with those who are in need of hope, spiritual healing, and re-birth – that is hearing the message that Jesus is Risen, Jesus is Lord, and God has called us to this particular place and time to be His witnesses. The second highlight that bears mentioning is the large number of law students that attended this year from schools all over the country, from Yale to Pepperdine. The attorneys at Mauck & Baker spent much of their time at the conference encouraging, mentoring, and praying for the law students who came to the conference with questions, fears, and various callings of their own. They represent the next generation of lawyers, legislators, and judges. Please pray for them.