Individual & Family Law

Whether it be to address present needs or prepare for the future, the attorneys at Mauck & Baker are able to assist both individuals and families in their legal matters. We provide representation and counsel in a wide range of both individual and family matters. Whether it's adoption, buying a new home, or writing your family's will, our attorneys will work with you personally to help you through your legal needs.

Adoption & Guardianship

Are you considering adding a new member to your family? Allow our experienced team to lead you through this complex, but exciting process. Our attorneys can help you navigate the arduous paperwork and legalities that come along with this fulfilling and life-changing decision.

Estate Planning, Probate, Wills, Trusts

Having a legally binding document to make sure your legacy is properly carried out is essential. Make sure your wishes and worldly assets are handled how you desire. Our attorneys rely on Biblical principles that allow you to invest in the kingdom and care for your family, even after passing.

Real Estate & Construction

Mauck & Baker can help review a property’s transaction history, advise on mortgaging options, and negotiate/conduct real estate transactions. State and local governments have specific rules concerning the purposes for which land may be used that our attorneys are well versed in.

Personal Injury

There are certain types of accidents and injuries that almost always require lawyer. Don't be left without compensation for yours. When you hire a Mauck & Baker attorney for a personal injury, your claim will be given attention and care until the matter is settled.


Our qualified attorneys can help you better understand tax code as well as identify key items that could make a significant difference in your taxes. The lawyers at Mauck & Baker can provide guidance on how to stay within the law on any tax-related activities.

General Counsel

Don't go through unfamiliar situations without proper advice. Mauck & Baker can discuss legal implications with you and help you navigate contracts, transactions, and other issues. Our attorneys can assist in drafting and evaluating, reviewing documents, and handling disputes.

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