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    Speaking the Truth in Love This Voting Season

    EditorialAttorneys John Mauck, Richard Baker, and Whitman BriskyVoting time is fast approaching and congregations are often misinformed regarding which candidate has the best interest at heart concerning family values and policies that protect our rights as parents and as Christians. What’s more, this issue is often an unintentional consequence of misinformation from our pastors.Though pastors are loving in advising their congregation this time of year, basic economics courses aren’t necessarily...  Read More...

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    Getting the Most Out of Your Legal Services by Gail Jernberg

    To be able to best serve you and keep your legal fees down, we make the effort to use the least expensive experienced staff member to assist on your matter. When you call in to check status, have billing questions or want to provide information, you should know who to ask for so you are not charged for partner attorney time if it is not necessary. It is in your best interest to reach out to a less expensive staff member to get assistance.   Read More...

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    Gone Lawschooling: Communications Manager Andrew Willis Says Goodbye

    The year was 2014. Starry-eyed with a new college degree in hand, I was eager to enter the legal arena.I was so young and innocent.You may call this shameless pandering, but Mauck & Baker was number one on my list of where I wanted to work after college. They were local, Christian, and civil liberties focused—what more could one want?   Read More...